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Our pricing philosophy: We agree estimates of time based around each client’s activities and, depending on the client’s requirements, can offer fixed price contracts, fees ceilings, or charge for time in five minute increments so that all of our efficiencies are passed on as savings. Each of our team members works with more than one client, taking responsibility for a specific area of expertise. Each role is charged out at an hourly rate based on the level of skill, responsibility and experience required. Tasks are delegated appropriately to ensure that the majority of day to day activities are undertaken by the experienced administrators rather than Clerks. For a discreet discussion on indicative costs for your almshouse please contact Elizabeth Fathi  Continue Reading
“The Trust Partnership has for some years now afforded a supremely professional and supportive service to West Hackney Parochial Charity and West Hackney Almshouse Charity. They have helped us to embrace and adopt the principles of good governance where they might, in the past, have been lacking. They ensure that we operate a transparent grant-making process and that our meetings are run in an efficient, compliant and well-informed manner. Perhaps most important of all, they are always at the end of the telephone with expert help and advice and are reassuringly proactive in ensuring that, as charities, we are well run. I commend the Trust Partnership to you unreservedly.” The Reverend Niall Weir – Rector of St Paul’s, West Hackney “I am very reassured about all that you and your great team have done. On Monday, if I’m honest, GDPR felt like a barrier to doing the right thing. ButRead the full article Continue Reading
From year end accounts to full financial administration, our team of experienced and qualified accountants provide all of the necessary support for Almshouse clients, including budgeting, financial administration and the collection of maintenance contributions. Read more about Bookkeeping & Accounting. Continue Reading
The responsibilities of Trustees for their residents welfare varies from client to client, but in all cases our sensitivity and professionalism in dealing with resident selection and ongoing pastoral care are vital ingredients to our services. Continue Reading
While local property management systems are often in place, the responsibility of Trustees to maintain their properties needs to be planned, executed and monitored and our Clerks and Administrators are well versed in the processes. We liaise closely with other suppliers to ensure the minimum disturbance for residents, and to ensure the quality of developments and maintenance. Continue Reading
Our Clerks have specific experience and expertise to support Trustees of almshouses and oversee the various administrative functions of clients. Almshouse Trustees are concerned with property maintenance, the care of residents, constantly changing legislation as well as the governance and finance issues faced by the boards of other charities. Our expert Clerks reduce the burden of work for Trustees and provide them with best practice on policy and procedure. The Clerk arranges, attends and minutes Trustee meetings, liaising with key stakeholders and professional service suppliers. Continue Reading