“The Trust Partnership has for some years now afforded a supremely professional and supportive service to West Hackney Parochial Charity and West Hackney Almshouse Charity. They have helped us to embrace and adopt the principles of good governance where they might, in the past, have been lacking. They ensure that we operate a transparent grant-making process and that our meetings are run in an efficient, compliant and well-informed manner. Perhaps most important of all, they are always at the end of the telephone with expert help and advice and are reassuringly proactive in ensuring that, as charities, we are well run. I commend the Trust Partnership to you unreservedly.”

The Reverend Niall Weir, Rector of St Paul’s, West Hackney

“I am very reassured about all that you and your great team have done. On Monday, if I’m honest, GDPR felt like a barrier to doing the right thing. But having talked with you and my lawyer congregation-member and having heard in detail about all the systems you have in place, I felt completely different. Best wishes to all and thank you to everyone at TTP

The Revd Andrew Wilson, Trustee Hackney Parish Almshouses Charity.

The Trust Partnership have been fantastic to work with…… The service, guidance and people at The Trust Partnership are all wonderful, I would thoroughly recommend people work with them.

Irfan Malik, Chairman of Hackney Joint Estate Charity.

As Chairman, I have found TTP to be experienced, knowledgeable and skilful in all aspects of their work.  They are attentive and responsive and provide the trustees with suggestions and solutions on day to day issues as well as the one-off matters arising.  They are…. incredibly helpful and proactive with a quick response time and a very approachable, caring manner.  We know they are ably supported by an administrative team, who we have also got to know well.

I recommend The Trust Partnership to you as experts in their field ….. they are more than capable of providing a top quality personalised service.  I can also recommend their ethics and values as an organisation wishing to see success for all of us in the charitable sector”

Jonathan Jarrett, Chairman Hackney Parish Almshouses Charity.