We Are B Corps Re-Certified!

Be the change

We are delighted to announce that we have once again achieved B Corps certification. The first business to achieve this in Gloucestershire, we have now been a B Corp for six years.


Not a tick-box exercise

Re-gaining B Corps status was no mean feat. The rigour and scrutiny involved means that it’s not a tick-box exercise. The process of re-certification gave us pause to reflect on the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of what we do. It is a testimony to the founding principle of The Trust Partnership which focuses us to this day: that in taking on the critical administrative elements of foundations and almshouses – be it grant-making, beneficiary welfare, finance or governance – it must be done in a way that is sustainable and mutually supportive.


The clue’s in the title

Our founding principle is what gave our business its name. Our work with clients is very much a partnership: between trustees and staff, beneficiaries and volunteers, and other stakeholders too.  Our shared-resources approach achieves economies of scale that charities operating alone would not be able to find.  Clients achieve their charitable mission more efficiently, while we achieve our social mission; it’s a win win!


People, Planet, Performance

This fits in neatly with the B Corp movement that seeks to demonstrate that business can be good to do good. It is about making profit, yes, (we’re a business after all), but just as importantly it’s about planet and people too. The strictures of B Corps’ certification process mean that we must demonstrate high standards of accountability and be open and transparent in our methods.


It also helps us measure our performance; because we must re-certify every three years, we are continuously monitoring how we work, the impact this has and whether we could be doing things better.