Covid-19 Toolkit for Almshouse Charities

The Trust Partnership and Stone King have joined their significant experience of working with Almshouses to put together three webinars aimed at providing trustees and staff with an Almshouse Toolkit of legal considerations and practical tips for the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.  The first webinar on 6 May 2020 looked at surviving the lockdown and the second webinar on 17 June 2020 looked at Risk Management and Living with Uncertainty and the third on 28 July 2020 looked at Incorporation for Almshouses – Why and How.

6 May 2020: Surviving the Lockdown
28 July 2020: Incorporation for Almshouses – Why and How?
17 June 2020: Post Lockdown Risk Assessments and Moving On
19 February 2021: To Merge or Collaborate – Why and How?